9th Annual GGT, Sunday, April 10, 2016, 5pm Mountain First Baptist Church, Goodland
9th Annual GGT, Sunday, April 10, 2016, 5pm MountainFirst Baptist Church, Goodland

A fundraiser for the
Brianna Linin Memorial Scholarship

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In May 2005, a scholarship fund was established in memory of Brianna Danae Linin, forever 5.  First-born daughter of Brian and Janda, she was diagnosed June 9, 2004 with a malignant brain tumor which claimed her life on March 4, 2005.  She fought bravely, but her diagnosis offered little hope.  Brianna was a dancer, her passion.  She also loved singing, reading books, hanging out with family and playing games.She is missed and this Talent Show is an annual memorial to her and her legacy.


A scholarship fund, managed by the Greater Northwest Kansas Community Foundation, which will be awarded initially to a 2017 graduate(s) of Goodland High School, Brianna’s classmates. A perpetuating scholarship will continue in years beyond.


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